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Why we use Safe Ag Systems.

Effectively manage your compliance requirements and take your agribusiness digital with Safe Ag Systems. Keep on top of your workplace health and safety from multiple devices whilst maintaining a high level of security. Access your robust digital safety system online through a secure connection and remove the paperwork associated with managing assets, workers, and contractors.

Developed for Agriculture, Safe Ag Systems cloud-based software provides smart features and user- friendly technology to digitise your record keeping and reporting process. We utilise Safe Ag Systems to support best practice for our farming and agricultural clients with one system.

How you can use Safe Ag Systems to your advantage.

As a client at Safe-T Consultants, you can gain access to Safe Ag Systems operational software and employ technology to train and gather records in real-time.


Built to accommodate both family owned and corporate farming, Safe Ag Systems focusses on predictive compliance and improved safety on farm, available on both desktop and mobile app.

Simplify Your Record Keeping

Safe Ag Systems covers a range of areas including policies and procedures, pre-operational safety checklists, chemical, machinery and equipment management, near miss and incident reporting, emergency management and more.


Integrated within the operational tasks of the agribusiness. Data flows in and out of the product to both educate the worker on best practices as well as gather evidence to demonstrate compliance with various regulations and certifications.

Real-time data to enhance your safety management

Safe Ag Systems - Hero.png

A safety management system that utilises real-time data, meaning real-time reporting - no need to wait. Giving you the information, you need to make the best decisions for your agribusiness. With Safe Ag Systems, workers are accessing and updating records each time they perform a task from chemical handling through to completing risk assessments.

Compliance and Auditing

When farmers implement a product like Safe Ag Systems, it can help to save time and money when completing audits and certification applications. Through record management, farmers reduce the time they may have spent collating documentation. Information to address the criteria requirements is updated and available as its needed. Not to mention time spent trying to find the correct documentation across multiple storage locations, everything is in the one place, accessible no matter where you are located.

Access from any device


The software supports the productivity of farm workers, as it is digital. Most people have a mobile on them, this allows direct access to the information required to complete a task in the palm of their hand. With access to up-to-date information workers can assign, track, and complete a task without the need to check in with the office or wait for further directions.

With QR code functionality, record keeping is easy

Safe Ag Systems - QR codes and machinery.png

Offering a simpler way to manage inventory and maintenance records, Safe Ag Systems QR codes can be paired with any machine, tool, chemical, structure or induction. Workers gain access to safety procedures and can ensure up to date record keeping simply by scan a QR code using their app. The app allows access to real time data, workers can be alerted of dangerous machinery before it causes a problem with our tag out functionality. The safety software can also send out notifications relating to emergencies and hazards based on GPS coordinates.


Let our team guide you through training to ensure you make full use of all the benefits Safe Ag Systems has to offer. Get started with Safe Ag Systems, speak to our team today. 

Let our team guide you through training to ensure you make full use of all the benefits Safe Ag Systems has to offer. Get started with Safe Ag Systems, speak to our team today. 



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